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Our site will be launching soon.

The TV show / series is currently in production.

Following the life and experiencing the vibe from within.
The world's best, biggest and most important festivals at our UTSAVA show.
Fest as one... UTSAVA!


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Get To Know Us.

UTSAVA is of Sanskrit origin, it generally means a festival or celebration or any joyous occasion. It also carries the meaning of delight, merriment and pleasure. It is derived from the Sanskrit word "ut" meaning "removal" and "sava" which means "worldly sorrows" or "grief". 

Remove your sorrows...
Live pleasure & joy...
Fest as one... Utsava! 

“UTSAVA” is the title of a forthcoming TV series / show,
following the life in our world’s festivals.

Currently in production. Coming Soon, stay tuned...


Mobile friendly

Our TV show will be broadcast also through web platforms that you will be able to view through your mobile phone. We will even give the opportunity to festival visitors to join us and use their phone as live broadcasting beacons, through our platforms.

On the Lookout

If you think you have discovered a festival that is unique, awesome and we missed but we need to visit it and broadcast the experience, please don't hesitate to let us know. There are no frontiers.

Design Materials

We will be releasing very soon T-shirts, hats and more design perks, which will all be available through our e-shop. Get some for yourself, support us in this huge cause, about communicating the love, the celebrating of life and the gathering of people to fest as one.

Fund Us

We will be announcing very soon, our crowdfunding campaigns and you are more than welcome to help us raise funds even through our website here, hitting the SUPPORT / FUND US button.

Partnering Up

We are looking for partners, professionals to join our team, even thinkers that will throw their ideas in the mix and help us create the best UTSAVA experience, ever.

Win perks and prizes

We will be throwing events and contests in our social media accounts and you are welcome to participate and win a unique ticket to join our team, travelling around the world and experiencing the festivals we will be filming in, as well getting your self on camera, next to our show's hosts.

Get In Touch.

Please contact us for any questions or collaboration proposals you might have about UTSAVA. 

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